The Reason For This Blog

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I just want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Everyone needs a channel to vent out, a stage to tell our stories at some point of our life.

Some untold stories desire only for a listening ear; a secret you don’t want anyone to know, just between God and us.

Sometimes it is easier to share with strangers than people whom we know.

And why is this blog called “Talking Hands, Hearing Eyes”?

Well, it’s simply because this blog is created especially for the DEAF Community.

I am a normal hearing lady who is gifted by God with ASL & SEE.

Somehow I was able to lip-read & picked up the language since primary / elementary school without any  training in sign language.

I believe this is my calling from God to share about HIS LOVE with the deaf.


*Whether you are deaf or a normal hearing person, this blog is opened for everyone to share your stories. Just drop your stories in the “COMMENT” under the “CONTACT” page. If you are just a passer-by on this site, leave one or two kind word(s) to encourage those who are brave enough to share their stories. Let them know they are not alone!

*If you would like to share your stories face-to-face, I am more than happy to talk with my hands over a cuppa coffee with you as long as you are in Singapore! =D

ISIAH 29:18 In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

I Can Only Imagine ASL

Song: I Can Only Imagine ASL (Sign Language)

Sometimes God allows bad things to happen because HE is building us up!

Imagine if you have never been through tough times, how strong will you get to be?

Muscles can only be built after you have push yourself through despite the pain from the weight lifting, isn’t it?

Stay Strong,


*Enjoy the youtube video clip =)